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Family Testimonials

"Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic STEM School is not only a wonderful place for our children to learn about reading, writing, arithmetic, science, history and art but also a wonderful place to learn about living a virtue-based life in Jesus Christ and in our Catholic faith. The Carmelite Sisters are holy role models for our daughters as the Sisters are positive examples as to how our daughters are able to live out truly feminine lives. The Sisters are also holy role models for our sons as the Sisters are positive examples as to how to treat women/girls with love and respect. Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic STEM School helps us as parents to form our children into young people who are loving, faithful, charitable, educated and responsible citizens. We thank God for the teachers, staff, Carmelite Sisters, Fr. Thuerauf and school administrators at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic STEM School. They are dedicated, loving, faithful, charitable and holy servants committed to providing our children with the best education as possible."
The Viray Family
Current SPPS Family
"We consider our family so incredibly Blessed to be part of such an amazing school community at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic STEM school! Not only are the academics interactive, rigorous, fun and challenging for all grade levels but, most importantly, the foundation and teachings of our Catholic Faith shines through in ALL that the students do! The Carmelite Sisters bring joy, compassion and energy to the school setting each and every day! In addition to the Sisters, the staff are wonderful witnesses of the faith to our children and have proven to be extremely dedicated and committed to meeting the needs of each and every child. We thank God for the gift of this school! It is truly a little piece of heaven on earth!"
Todd and Lisa Welch
Current SPPS Family
"Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic STEM School is a place where our entire family has experienced numerous blessings and joy. Our children not only receive a rigorous academic education; they receive faith, love and kindness from the teachers and staff. We have witnessed the sounds of joy and laughter coming from the children that we wish we could put in a bottle and keep forever! As parents, we feel as if we are part of a family. This year alone we have experienced genuine Christian witness from the school community. We were shown incredible support this fall when our family was in quarantine from Covid exposure and illness. We received phone calls, emails, and even house calls (well, porch calls technically) from the principal, teachers, and families; the school community made sure we were taken care of by praying for us and getting us anything we needed for our family to be comfortable and for our children to succeed academically at home. Most of all, this school is a place where God dwells. He is palpable here. We have had moments of awe and wonder and true experiences of Heavenly Worship and joy. The children, Carmelite Sisters, teachers, and staff have a spirit of prayer and love for the Lord. Sts. Peter and Paul is a place where a kindergartener knows the names of all the presidents in order, where exploration and imagination is used during STEM days to solve problems such as how to get a polar bear from a drifting iceberg back to the land, where the saints come down from heaven and take over the gym for a morning to tell their stories, it is a place to encounter the Child Jesus at the Christmas pageant and get rowdy with the Holy Spirit at the Festival of Praise. It's a little piece of Heaven on earth and a true gift to our family."
Jarod and Amy Mintz
Current SPPS Family
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