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The Need

We are actively working to transform an aged parking lot currently used as a playground into a safe and engaging recreational facility for students in Preschool through 8th grade. Our current play area is simply unsafe. The pavement is broken and tree roots have made the surface very uneven. Each recess several children come to the office with bloody knees and hands because they have fallen while running across the gravely asphalt. The two beautiful trees in the play area are quite old and have developed 4-inch thorns on their trunks and branches! These thorns are dangerous to students and play equipment alike.

A multifunctional playground area that caters to all students has been envisioned at our school for over fifteen years. To support our Catholic STEM program, we are planning to include educational elements in this area such an outdoor lab/classroom, greenhouse and school garden. This major campus improvement will dramatically enhance our school facilities making our school more appealing to current and prospective families.

We’re ready to make this project a reality this summer! JOIN US!

How Can You be Part of the Solution?


We invite you to be a part of this exciting endeavor! Join the many generous community members who are working together to make this project a success. Your contribution will impact generations of students at SPPS! See donation options below!

Playground Map
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Engraved Bricks are Sold Out

Thank you to all who donated to this project and participated in the Legacy Walk!  At this time, we are no longer accepting donations for engraved bricks.  

We welcome your gift of any size in support of this project

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