Saints Peter and Paul Catholic STEM School

Forming Life-Long Learners

Integrating Faith and Reason

A curriculum to equip the next generation with the communication collaboration innovation skills they need to engage the culture.

What is STEM?

STEM education is an approach to learning which equips children with the ability to reason, question, discover, and explain, especially through integrated instruction in science, technology, engineering and math.  STEM education prepares students to embrace future educational and career opportunities.

Why STEM in a Catholic School?

We believe that approaching education from the perspective of wonder, exploration and faith will ignite the love of learning in our children.  Curiosity and critical thinking are fruits of STEM education. As a Catholic STEM school, we will help our children experience the beautiful harmony of faith and reason so they can be a light in the secular world, both in their careers and in their lives.

Do students study other subjects?

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math receive increased emphasis but not at the expense of other subjects, including Language Arts and Social Studies. This balance of content and focus is of utmost importance to us. Even while pursuing STEM subjects, our students are also taught traditional courses which include Handwriting (print and cursive), Spanish, Art, Music, Technology, Physical Education, Health and Safety, and Library. 


Does SPPS meet standard education requirements?

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic STEM School has developed a curriculum that adheres to the Standards and Benchmarks guidelines of the Archdiocese of Denver Office of Catholic Schools and complies with all state education requirements. 

What does STEM look like in the classroom?

Students participate in age-appropriate hands-on projects and activities that encourage wonder and critical thinking. 


Extracurricular Activities

Students have opportunities to participate in intellectually challenging extra-curricular activities, such as Junior Great Books, Band, Speech and Young AmeriTowne. We see these activities as being at the service of a wholistic education and formation of the child.

Student Learning Expecations

What Sts. Peter and Paul students are prepared to know, value, and understand at the completion of our program.

"Here I am, Lord. Send me!"
Isaiah 6:8
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