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Stronger Together

We are Stonger Together! 2023-2024 Annual Appeal

We are privileged at Sts. Peter and Paul to be able to offer financial support to many families who are truly unable to pay the full cost of tuition. 
This year alone, more than $405,000 in financial assistance has been made available for these students.  Currently we have a gap of about $3,000 between the average income (tuition and scholarships) per student receiving tuition assistance and the cost to educate each child ($7,435). 
Each year, the Stronger Together Annual Appeal has raised about $60,000 for our school, and we are grateful for your generous support!  This appeal helps us provide a high-quality Catholic education to students regardless of their social or economic background. The proceeds not only help cover the cost of financial aid, but also help fund curriculum, staff training, building upgrades and many other initiatives.
At our school, students learn that God has brought us together so we can help each other on our way to heaven.  God has made us to be stronger together!  Let our students support you by their prayers and the example of their love.   We invite you to consider partnering with us in our mission to form a generation of young people who will shape the future of our world!

Support our Students

Consider ‘adopting’ one of our students receiving tuition assistance. With this gift you can cover the average gap between their family’s contribution/scholarships and the cost to educate that student.

Contribute the cost to educate a student for one month. Imagine how much a child will be enabled to learn with the gift of your generosity!

It costs $40 a day to educate a child at SPPS. Only $27 of this expense is covered by tuition and scholarships. Your gift of a dollar a day will help fill this financial gap!

A gift of any amount is most welcome!

The Lord promises, “Whoever gives only a cup of cold water to one of these little ones to drink because he is a disciple—amen, I say to you, he will surely not lose his reward.” Matthew 10:42  

God cannot be outdone in generosity!

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