Saints Peter and Paul Catholic STEM School

In-Person Learning

COVID-19 Health Protocols

Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic STEM School is to committed to creating a healthy learning environment to make it possible for students to learn in-person. 

Following guideline from the Archdiocesan Office of Catholic Schools, the Colorado Department of Education, Colorado and Jefferson County Department of Health, and Early Childhood Licensing requirements (Preschool), Sts. Peter and Paul has created a plan to promote the health of our school community.  Our school size and configuration allow us to adjust relatively quickly to changes in community health requirements.  For this reason, we are able maintain in-person learning more easily than many of the public systems which are much more complex and difficult to adapt. 

The foundational beliefs
guiding this year’s procedures and policies

While we continue to be “Centered in Jesus Christ, Courageous in Faith and Scholars for Truth”, the following Foundational Beliefs help us to live this mission in our current situation.  These beliefs have guided us our decision-making as we developed particular procedures and policies in response to guidance from health officials.  

Centered in Jesus Christ

  • We believe that true freedom and spiritual health
    come from knowing, serving, loving, and being loved by Jesus.

Courageous in faith

  • We believe that we are a family committed to charity and respect as we work together to protect the health of one another, especially the most vulnerable.
  • We believe adults model for children how to have meaningful lives and relationships
    through adaptability and resilience.

Scholars for Truth

  • We believe that community is the best way to form children and allow them to flourish.
  • We believe students succeed when they are loved, heard, protected, and challenged.
  • We believe that students deserve a well-rounded and rigorous education
    regardless of the circumstances.

Priorities and Principles

We recognize that there are many benefits as well as risks involved in community life.  While there is no guarantee of immunity from COVID-19 for our school community, the robust procedures in place create a healthier physical environment at school, contribute to improving personal hygiene practices, and decrease the spread of the virus should someone become infected.  In short, our goals are to:

  • Ensure that those in the school building are symptom-free. Every person participates in a temperature check upon arrival.  Administration works closely with school families regarding student health.  Those who are unable to be at school for a time are supported by their teacher and classmates while they continue to learning from home.
  • Promote excellent hygiene practices. Strong health and hygiene practices are taught and practiced. Times for washing hands are built into the schedule.  Hand sanitizer is available between handwashing.
  • Cohort classes and limit student movement in the school building.  Students remain with their classmates throughout the day.  Most Specials classes are taught in the students’ classrooms.  Junior High teachers rotate classrooms rather than have the students move.  Classes are assigned play areas at recess. 
  • Provide adequate social distancing between students. Students remain six feet apart whenever possible.  Specific arrangements are made for arrival, dismissal, walking in the hallways, lockers, Mass, etc.  In the classrooms, students have their own desks and the desks are spaced out as much as possible. 
  • Ensure that students use their own materials. Students do not share materials (daily art supplies, lunch mats, technology equipment, nap mats, etc.). 
  • Provide additional cleaning and disinfecting. Maintenance thoroughly cleans the school building daily using EPA approved disinfectant.  High-touch surfaces are cleaned between cohorts.
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