Early Childhood Education

Educational Emphasis:
Sts. Peter and Paul School offers each child a quality Catholic education infused with Catholic teachings and values. Our Preschool program emphasizes the “whole child” approach to learning, utilizing a wide variety of spiritual, social, emotional, educational, physical and language activities. The goal of our program is to help each child acquire the independence, confidence and motivation needed to fulfill his/her potential and to provide a strong moral and academic foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Each child is a unique person with an individual pattern of growth. We understand that children do not all learn the same way and at the same pace. Children do not master a particular skill at once, rather there is a sequence of steps to expect as children progress toward reaching developmental milestones. We aim to provide each child essential tools so he/she may thrive throughout their learning experience.

Our Preschool learning environment is an atmosphere in which children are safe, feel emotionally secure and have a sense of belonging. Our curriculum is challenging but within children’s reach. We give children choices and an active role in how they learn. This environment fosters independence, confidence and allows each child to feel competent.

We follow the Creative Curriculum for Preschool as our blueprint for implementing a developmentally appropriate program. We have created a classroom where we feel children are able to learn and grow with confidence. At this age we understand that children learn through play and discovery. Our classroom is set up with ten basic interest/learning centers: Blocks, Dramatic Play, Toys & Games, Art, Library, Discovery, Sand & Water, Music and Movement, Computers, and Outdoor Play. Each area offers multiple opportunities for children to explore, discover and grow. We frequently add more materials to each area to keep things interesting and challenging.


Half Day: 7:45 am – 12:10 pm

Full Day: 7:45 am – 2:55 pm